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Are There Military Auto Insurance Discounts?

Many auto insurance companies offer discounts for a number of reasons – from safe driving to joint policies to good grades. Among those discounts are military discounts – meaning that members of the military receive a discount on the car insurance premiums. Below, we'll discuss the different kinds of military auto insurance discounts.

Previously, individuals in the military were penalized by their auto insurance companies when they were unable to maintain continuous coverage because of deployments overseas. Military individuals found it difficult to receive coverage when they returned home, or the rates were ridiculously high. However, the National Association of Professional Insurance Agents worked to make companies stop penalizing military members due to deployment. Now, more than 25 states have passed legislation so that military members are not penalized because they're called to active duty.

There are actual discounts for military members as well, from companies like Geico and USAA. Policyholders may receive up to a 15% discount on their insurance premiums each month – if they've been deployed to a dangerous area or if they have their vehicles covered by a safe storage policy. They may even receive up to $400 a year off of their insurance costs. If you live in a state where there is no protection against penalization, insure the car for only acts of God, theft, and vandalism and store the car while you're gone – that way, there will be no lapse in coverage.

Check out the different companies that offer military discounts before having your car insured. Make sure you'll be able to cover your car only against vandalism, theft, and acts of God if you have to deploy, and that your rates will still be reasonable when you return home. There are military insurance discounts, but you'll need to research before you get a policy!

Posted on 11.13.2009 by zippy