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How Important are Auto Insurance Ratings?

You've probably seen the auto insurance ratings available on lists like J.D Power and Associates. These companies publish financial ratings for insurance companies which give individuals an idea of how those insurance companies pay out claims. For instance, J.D. Power and Associates may give a company an A++ if they've been wonderful about paying out claims to policyholders. However, many companies will get lower scores if they've had to be taken to court or have tried not to pay claims in the past. Experts recommend you purchase car insurance only from companies receiving a B+ rating or more.

These ratings do not reflect the way the insurance company treats their customers, only the way the claims have been paid. This gives many drivers a sense of security. If something happens and they get into an accident and then file a claim, they want to know that their insurance company is going to be someone they can count on rather than someone they're going to have to fight with in order to get the benefits they deserve.

J.D. Power and Associates' considers Amica and Erie as top providers. The reason is because these companies have been found to try and cover every claim placed against their company rather than trying to find a way out of paying it. I don't know about you, but that seems like a pretty great trait to have in a car insurance company! While things like price and discounts should be taken into account when you're considering which car insurance company to go with, you should also consider the auto insurance ratings and how the company you're considering stacks up against the competition!

Using the information above, you can be sure to find a company that not only offers great deals, but also that offers secure coverage and dependability.

Posted on 11.15.2009 by zippy