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Negotiation Tips for Getting the Best Car Insurance Quotes

Many people don't know you can negotiate to get the best car insurance quotes. Most people believe you're stuck with whatever you're offered, but it's not true. Using these negotiation tips, you can get the best car insurance quotes available.

Comparison Shop

You need to know the prices for the most common or most popular car insurance companies in your area. This comparison shopping is fun and easy to do – plus it tells you which company is going to charge you less. Companies like will tell you the leading competition companies and what their current prices are. Know these prices before attempting to purchase car insurance, and you'll have the ability to haggle.


The car insurance industry is a very competitive one. For this reason, you can do some haggling when it comes time to purchase your policy. If you really want company A, but company B offers a lower rate, you can haggle with company A. Simply come armed with the information and let the representative know you're ready to purchase the car insurance today, but only if they will make a small change for you. Haggling can really help you get the price you want from the company you like best.

Good Driving Record

You can negotiate better if you have a good driving record, which means a record with no traffic points. Insurance companies would much rather give in to a small demand or two from you than a driver that has violated several traffic violations. Traffic violations bring insurance up, because companies know it's only a matter of time before an accident happens. Show your good driving record and bring it up when you're haggling the price down.

Using the above tips, you can negotiate and get better car insurance quotes. This will allow you to choose the best company for you at the most affordable rate.

Posted on 11.15.2009 by zippy